Ryan Blakley. Screaming. Beards. Punching. 23.

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I’m stoked for the rest of the summer. (Not pictured one more 12 pack of Baja)
This is me being SUPER stoked to be awake early and going for a nice run when it’s humid out. Oh well turned a 6:30 mile into a 6:07 soooooo πŸ’ #beard #running #fitness #fuckmornings  (at The Beard Lair)
Welcome to my newly arranged Zumiez (of Wausau, WI) looking fresher than ever before. Stoked on this floor set! #zumiezlife #zumiez #zumiez441 #floorset #backtoschool (at Zumiez)
This Zero shirt stole the Blackhawks logo is so dope and I’m also wearing a men’s necklace and going to work hella early and am not wearing a hat for the first time in like a month. What is happening to me??? #beard #tattoos #zero #goodwood

Been super busy lately aka not being on here but hey I just ran long distance for the first time in YEARS (since I tore and retore my abdomen muscles) and clocked on a 6:30 mile and I’m super stoked on this and going to make it a habit 3x a week and get back in my Marine (recruit) shape cardio wise 😎✌️

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That’s a pile of clothes this dumb bitch tried to steal from me today. $514.14 retail value from my store alone. Also hit vanity for jeans, Victoria’s Secret and a local makeup store. Over $700 total. As far as I know it’s the 3rd biggest shop lifting incident in the mall and first employee bust by yours truly 😎. Gotcha bitch don’t steal from me. Amanda Sabatke is the theif. Apparently she’s wants in Idaho and Washington. Have fun in jail bitch. This is why you don’t steal from me. I WILL hunt you down and I WILL prosecute to the max that I can ✌️
Going out for once~ πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #beard #tattoos #SSUR #nixon #counterparts (at The Beard Lair)
So I did a thing today. #Volcom #SSUR #Emerica #ImperialMotion #oops #sorrywallet #zumiezlife #retailkillsme (at The Beard Lair)


This made me giggle like a loser.

boss is going by
quick wave at the boss

hahahahah fuck