Ryan Blakley. Screaming. Beards. Punching. 23.

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I really need to finish this piece. I think I’ll start that up soon again. Also my beard looks really full today and that’s cool. #beard #tattoos #sleeve  (at The Beard Lair)
My weekend is over. Now I get to start my work week. ✌️ #beard #obey #tattoos #cutegirlsofinstagram #fuck  (at The Beard Lair)
Are you drunk or…….
@taylor_gering made me breakfast. I think this means were fucking or something…
Late night Ian’s hangs with these IDIOTS and no one else bc apparently Milwaukee is the city that DOES sleep!!! Ft shittily drunk parked suburban by some local fools we don’t know (at Ian’s Pizza Milwaukee)

I’m bored, so that means it is up to YOU tumblr, to keep me company. 

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Another thief busted. Brett Hoey.  Just gave him to the police. Have fun with that over a damn bucket hat kid. Don’t come back✌️ (at Zumiez)
Super rad time in Milwaukee this week, Weekend Nachos tonight, I’m going to get my ASS kicked and I’m stoked about it. If you don’t go you might suck. C U THERE KIDS #beard