Ryan Blakley. Screaming. Beards. Punching. 23.

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Super rad time in Milwaukee this week, Weekend Nachos tonight, I’m going to get my ASS kicked and I’m stoked about it. If you don’t go you might suck. C U THERE KIDS #beard
Fierce. ✌️#thug #gangster #badbitch #3hunna #clownluv #2whoops #nowhoops #getreal #hottieswitbodies (at The Trap House (Gucci Mane Voice))
So I just snagged this and I am SO fucking stoked to listen to it. Added my favorite band to the collection, now we watch her grow. Ft my cars seat✌️ #counterparts #thecurrentwillcarryus #vinyl #records  (at The Beard Lair)
No use denying it anymore. Low 34 degrees. Summer is long gone and winter is on it’s way. Goodbye shorts hello long sleeves and pants. Won’t be long before it’s peacoat and scarf season now.  #beard #tattoos #fuckwinter (at The Beard Lair)
Don’t make me go back home I’m not ready to leave yet, help. TAKE ME BACK TO MILWAUKEE #beard #weekendnachos #heavierthanyourband
Milwaukee bound through Thursday. Milwaukee friends that means MAKE PLANS WITH ME!!!! Oh also if you want to attend my bands practice tomorrow hit me up as I’ll see what I can do 😎💁. #beard #roadtrip #beardlife #tattoos
My kids are all grown up and making their own dope tables 😭new Crooks shirts are dooooope though. #zumiezlife #CROOKSVILLA #Zumiez441 @zumiez @crooksncastles  (at Zumiez)

Yo I’m bored again someone keep me company because everyone passes out early

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I am stupid bored. Fill my asks/messages/text me or whatever it is people do now

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