Ryan Blakley. Screaming. Beards. Punching. 23.

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On my way home from Misery Signals/Counterparts/FocusedxMinds tonight. Keep me company via here/messages/asks/snaps/texts/whatever so I don’t pass out. Tyvm
IN WITH THE FUCKING NEW YEEEESSSS #beard #hardstyle #newcar
This idiot FORCED me to hang out with her today against my will. Who can I call to press charges??
Out with the old 😎✌️
$o much $wag I can’t $ee da h8ers. 

Nah jk. Time to put a down payment on a car. I’ve never held this much of my own money at once holy shit.
Busy weekend after a super slow week. Ya boy is tired and very stoked for a day of rest tomorrow. #beard  (at The Beard Lair)

My tumblr game has been the WEAKEST lately. Being busy is cool though

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I got someone’s old all over my shorts and it’s not mine and I’m sad bc favorite shorts. This is why warped has a no moshing rule, so you don’t smack kids and mess up your favorite shorts. Blood comes out, right??? #warpedtour #pitproblems (at The Beard Lair)
Did this during the first band and song of warped today off some kids face. Omen of what was to come. Sik. Idk if you know but it’s hard to enjoy pits with blood all over your hand #warpedtour #mybad  (at Vans Warped Tour Milwaukee)
Chipotle ran out of burrito shells hahahaha.  (at Vans Warped Tour Milwaukee)